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Stop plans to close the OTTER GALLERY at the University of Chichester

The University of Chichester plans to close the Otter Gallery on the 7th of October 2018, at the end of its forthcoming exhibition ‘Conflicting Views – Pacifist Artists’. It is Chichester’s only free public art gallery with a permanent collection. Closing the art gallery is said to create space for the university’s other priorities. It is not explained why other space cannot be found for the gallery.
As an alternative to the current Otter Gallery, the university’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Catherine Harper, proposes that artworks from the collection will be ‘more widely distributed across the campuses’ and that ‘the distributed Otter Gallery will have at its heart the Executive corridor of University House.’ It is envisaged that exhibitions, events and talks will continue to take place there.
These plans are unworkable, since much of the Otter Collection’s main works of 20th century British art are too valuable to be safely shown outside a designated gallery. The planned ‘distributed Otter Gallery’ would also lose its Arts Council England accredited status. Depriving it of the associated benefits, and making it difficult to obtain works of art on loan from external sources. Private sponsorship and future donations to the collection will likewise be affected by the loss of an accredited gallery to display work safely and to professional standards.
We need to act as a matter of urgency before the gallery that has built a national reputation over the past twenty years is closed with no purpose-built space of a similar quality to replace it:
If you believe that art galleries contribute to an excellent wide-ranging education for students, staff and the wider community, please sign this petition against the closure of the Otter Gallery.


Caroline Adams Westergate 25/05/2018 Not enough consideration has been given to the importance of this collection

Jon Edgar Horsham 25/05/2018 “Consider the effect on the cultural status and tourism potential of the South Downs National Park’s city of Chichester, which presently boasts dedicated spaces for the collections of Otter Gallery, Pallant House, The Novium and Chichester Cathedral as well as The Edward James Foundation’s West Dean College and The Oxmarket having gallery exhibitions. Cultural richness indeed.”

S. Taylor-Rance Chichester 25/05/2018 “The wonderful Otter Gallery greets visitors, new and old alike, upon arrival at Bishop Otter campus. It makes a strong cultural statement and is routinely filled with so many glorious treasures. As a community arts space, Otter Gallery is such a valuable resource. Chichester needs this space!”

Simon Poë Liversedge 25/05/2018 “Closing art galleries is wrong and universities ought to be champions, not villains.”

James Ebdon Brighton 25/05/2018 It is a mad plan!

david arkwell Havant 25/05/2018 I believe that this gallery should not close it is a wonder display

Hugh Dunkerley Brighton 25/05/2018 The gallery is central to the university community.

Laetitia Yhap Hastings 25/05/2018 This happened years ago for The Gardener Art Centre Sussex University & we lost an excellent Cultural Centre whose reputation had been built over many years.

PHYLLIDA BARLOW London 25/05/2018 Universities need galleries – art extends education and the experience of how to learn. A gallery is a resource to stimulate imagination and innovation. To get rid of a gallery on a university campus is a brutal act of philistinism. Don’t go down that route.

Marlene Norris Southampton 25/05/2018 It’s important to keep these places open

Sarah Rubidge London 25/05/2018 “I am signing because I believe that the Otter Gallery is an important resource for both the University community and the public of Chichester – for a number of reasons. Most significantly, the University has always had an excellent reputation for its arts provision – and has an excellent collection, and unique collection. Not only does it provide people embedded in the world of science and business with access to the view for what is increasingly seen as the ‘other’ side, It also provides artist with a beautiful space to display their work. Whilst recognising that the University has taken a radical turn in the direction of business and science it really must be remembered that the arts are an integral part of being human- – and it is imperative that organisations remember that aspect of their humanity as they pursue more tangible goals. Please do not cut this valuable resource from University provision of what was once renowned for its approach to the arts in education and society.”

Kate Law Sheffield 25/05/2018 “I signed because it’s important to have spaces on campus that prompt reflection, and the Otter Gallery manages to do that.”

Morgan Feely London 25/05/2018 Phyllida Barlow is absolutely right – universities need galleries!

Laura Proctor New Milton 25/05/2018 “Everyone should have access to art, art can be inspiration for learning and so is perfect in educational settings.”

Sam Allen Brighton 25/05/2018 “Art galleries offer a unique opportunity for visitors to enrich their understanding and experience of Art. For many artworks offer and teach their viewer a unique form of reflection that is both intellectually and personally stimulating. No matter a viewer’s background, discipline or education, exposure to art and artworks is intensely valuable to curious minds. The loss of the Otter Gallery would be a grave loss to the students of the University and the people of Chichester.”

tim sayer Highbury East 25/05/2018 The gallery is an essential part of cultural life.

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 25/05/2018 “As a university alumnus and Chichester arts professional who has held an exhibition at this gallery, I’m pretty shocked at what seems to be a pretty poor plan. I’m thinking what about the precious collection; what about the Fine Art students and their incredible show each year; what about all the important outreach events that happen here? But more broadly speaking, the arts are fundamental to a healthy, inspiring learning environment – what about that?!”

Stephen Perry Christchurch 25/05/2018 “The word university is derived from the latin "universitas", meaning "the whole". What better way for a university to demonstrate this than to have an art gallery at its heart?”

Christina Casey Portsmouth 25/05/2018 Spaces for art and creative works are more important than ever now.

Jude Higgins Stanton Drew 25/05/2018 We should celebrate the Arts for the good of everyone

Anne Hodgson Chichester 25/05/2018 “No University would close possibly its finest asset,with no reason given”

Karen Lintott Brighton 25/05/2018 I am a MAstudent who directly benefits from the gallery. Students were not consulted about this decision.

David Williamson Worthing 25/05/2018 This needs to be kept open. People need to see art as often as possible!

Simon Barker Chichester 25/05/2018 The Otter Gallery always reminds me of the impact the art at Stirling University made on undergraduates like myself – possibly only second to the teaching – and the two were regularly linked by tutors. The space draws and inspires the curious mind.

shauna pitt Bognor Regis 25/05/2018 It’s a fantastic part of the uni

Kim Talbot Chichester 25/05/2018 “This gallery gives fine art students at the uni a platform with which to share their work. It was a beautiful, and central party of the library. What are they prioritising over the gallery I wonder? No doubt something to make them yet more money. Apparently culture, history and showcasing the students of university is no longer a priority…”

Kim Talbot Chichester 25/05/2018 “I’m betting it’s for another chain cafe or shop… they already have a Costa and a Starbucks, so perhaps their adding yet another one… Something that makes them yet more money, because asking 9000 pounds from each of their students isn’t enough…”

Linda Nevill Chichester 25/05/2018 The gallery is a vital resource for art students and enriches the learning environment of all students.

Christopher Hurst Littlehampton 25/05/2018 This is a very valuable resource and way for artists to show case all their hard work. My sister Emma Martin BA – soon to be MA has loved both visiting and exhibiting. I have been myself a few times too. Please keep it going.

Elizabeth Homer Chichester 25/05/2018 “Much needed space to show the artistic and creative collection that chichester has, along with being a free gallery for people to show their work!”

Michael HOWLEY South Milford 25/05/2018 Art makes people think

carole Snowden Okehampton 25/05/2018 Another kick in the teeth for Artists…….
carole Snowden Okehampton 25/05/2018 Thank you University of Chichester for supporting the artists in artOne!…I’m sure they will be delighted with the closing of this Gallery!

Jane Askew Fareham 25/05/2018 A great shame if the Otter Gallery is closed. I was delighted to exhibit there as a second year Fine Art student. It’s such a great platform for students’ and others’ work to be seen – rather than stuck away on a corridor somewhere.

Consuelo Simpson Dummer 25/05/2018 A dedicated art gallery is the least that the permanent collection deserves as do the students and the wider Chichester community. Keep the free art gallery- Save the Otter!

Bernard Briant Brighton 25/05/2018 “Because I love the Otter Gallery and it will,always remind me of my happy days st Chi.”

Rich Pugsley Portsmouth 25/05/2018 My gf is an art student and had art displayed there.

Lisa Sheppard Chichester 25/05/2018 “I went to Chi Uni between 2010-2013 as a mature student. I never understood art, but this, this place gave me somewhere to start to appreciate it. You cannot close it down. Please”

Helen Oram Hove 25/05/2018 The gallery is a very valuable resource.

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 25/05/2018 Why do I feel that the arts/humanities at University of Chichester are being side-lined?

Christine Hewitt Portsmouth 25/05/2018 I believe that the otter gallery is not only important for students but also for the local community – giving access to youngsters as well as adults that die to funding cuts elsewhere closing the Otter gallery would further be detrimental…

Gemma Creed Chichester 26/05/2018 “I’m an artist and I’m passionate about art, so of course I’m signing.”

Louise Scriven 26/05/2018 It’s so important to many people

Emily robson London 26/05/2018 I have seen first hand the many benefits of The Otter Gallery for students and the wider community. Student involvement in curating exhibitions and exhibiting has been a highlight of many people’s time at the University and helped lead to employment in the arts. A ‘dispersed model’ would essentially resign many of the prominent collection works to permanent storage as hanging valuable works in corridors is exactly what led to the Mitre Gallery and latterly Otter Gallery being formed. I could continue with many other reasons it would be very sad to see the Otter Gallery close.

Nicole Cusden Haslemere 26/05/2018 I took my BA in Fine Art at Chichester and had work displayed in the Otter Gallery – it would be such a shame for future art students to be denied that opportunity. And having that resource on your doorstep is invaluable!

Kate Davis West Sussex 26/05/2018 Closing the gallery would be a real loss. So often I’ve had a quick wander around whilst in the LRC – the hub of the University and accessible to all visitors – and it has enriched my day.

Jonathan Bulezuik Barking 26/05/2018 The university should NOT close the otter gallery!

Petrova Clark Brighton 26/05/2018 This is such a rich source of culture and a great asset to the university and city.

Chris Hardman Fairford 26/05/2018 Free galleries and museums are an essential educational resource for all of us. In addition they give a great deal of thought provoking enjoyment. Education and enjoyment for free is always worth preserving.

Jenny Fletcher Fareham 26/05/2018 Art is for everyone not just a privileged few. The world needs more galleries not fewer. The status abd accreditation of the Otter Gallery means it attracts works of art and exhibitions normally only seen in London in a space that everyone can access and use.

Christine Butler Chichester 26/05/2018 “It’s been a fantastic venue for new and established artists, and is an integral part of the University. Don’t loose it!!”

Melanie Garrett Selsey 26/05/2018 This is an important exhibition space for the university and for Chichester

Richard shallard Oxford 26/05/2018 we cannot afford any gallery closures they should no go the same way as public libraries museums etc

Naomi Vann London 26/05/2018 The university has a wealth of paintings and to be able to showcase these and with visiting curators this space is one of my favourite cultural venues.

Elizabeth Baily Chichester 26/05/2018 I am a former student of the university and loved visiting the gallery

Mary Ward Bromley 26/05/2018 “How can anyone even THINK ABOUT closing such a first class, important facility? No, no, no!!!”

Mali Morris London 26/05/2018 This is a valued and treasured place for seeing and enjoying art – it is shocking to hear of the possibility of closure. Please keep it for this and future generations.

N A 26/05/2018 I believe it should be available as it is currently

cheryl black Lancing 26/05/2018 Not everyone has the money to visit art galleries but would love to visit one or take there children it is a treasure not to be lost

Hannah Johnson Oving 26/05/2018 I’m signing because this gallery IS the art student’s right to be at university. It’s the one part of the uni that isn’t designated to sports students or anyone else. It’s the little room that adds dignity to the sniggering that comes with doing what others regard as a ‘pointless degree’. Art is a bigger backbone of society than those who don’t appreciate it would care to acknowledge

Peter Whittick Crawley 26/05/2018 A permanent gallery is a better idea.

Aaron Goode Surrey 26/05/2018 Art is such an important part of our culture it derserves to be seen and encouraged

Chris Sanders Brighton 26/05/2018 “As a student here – its an invaluable resource for not only Fine Art students, but for the community at large. Shameful to try and close it.”

David Allen Bromham 26/05/2018 Seems to be an ill planned move.

Aisling Mills Worthing 26/05/2018 We can’t allow the arts to be sidelined. Please save the gallery.

Amanda Berridge 26/05/2018 The executive corridor is no substitute for a proper Gallery at the hub of the university

Don Cordery Cheltenham 26/05/2018 …….. I uphold and support what is being put forward to keep this exhibition space open

julia oboyle arundel 26/05/2018 Also the environmental conditions are not stable and are detrimental to many of the pieces of Art in the Otter Gallery collection

julia oboyle arundel 26/05/2018 The Otter Gallery is free to visit with extended opening hours

julia oboyle arundel 26/05/2018 “The Otter Gallery is essential to the creditabilty of the Fine Art degrees at UofC. I do not understand why, when the University is extending and building its research profile in the academic world, it decides to close the Otter Gallery, a professional, accredited museum, with a renown permanent collection; is being closed down and dumbed down; with the valuable collection being renegated to the dusty drafty corridors with no environmental controls. Why would anyone consider a Fine Art PhD in any discipline with a University that does not have a proper Gallery space and does not consider it an asset they should maintain and improve. UofC please explain.”

alison hulme Southampton 26/05/2018 I go there and do not want it to go

julia oboyle arundel 26/05/2018 “. Further by closing the Otter Gallery you are reducing the University to a mediocre provincial establishment whose Fine Art degrees will not be respected, this will reflect on past BA and MA students. I feel my MA has just taken a nose dive regardless of the distinction I achieved. UofC please explain.”

Julie Haydock 26/05/2018 “The Otter Gallery is both a historical legacy to the university, and an important foundational resourse to a University that has built a strong, striking presence in education and Arts practice.”

Philippa Francis West Wittering 26/05/2018 “It’s a fabulous, much-needed resource for all of Chichester.”

Jacky Taylor Portsmouth 26/05/2018 The Otter Gallery is an invaluable resource for students and staff and a cultural beacon to draw in the general public of the area and beyond. How can a ‘corridor’ replace such a designated art space?

Julie Hickman Bembridge 26/05/2018 The Otter Gallery is a unique presence in Chichester and a USP for the UniversityUniversity of Southampton = newly opened John Hansard GalleryUniversity of Chichester = Otter Gallery downgraded to ‘executive corridor’

Dr Susan Greenwood Brighton 26/05/2018 “Art is important, it fires the imagination and makes creative minds…”

Sandra Peaty Brighton 27/05/2018 “The Otter Gallery connects with the wider public. With proper investment it could make important links with other cultural organisations, schools and colleges. The gallery could help raise the profile of the University and inspire future students. The decision to close seems short sighted and lacking imagination.It is a wonderful collection, too valuable to be randomly displayed across the university.”

Emma martin Angmering 27/05/2018 “The removal of a Gallery without consultation, in a University of all places, sets a dangerous precedent. Humanities won’t let this go without a fight! I was considering a PhD at Chichester, but I have no intention of conducting research at a university that doesn’t value its own resources or the opinion of the student body. Short sighted at best. Reconsider!”

daniella Norton Brighton 27/05/2018 “This is such a valuable resource for all students and an incredible collection of art thoughtfully selected, it should be valued as a space and resourced so that the students and public can benefit from it.”

Chris Moore 27/05/2018 “This is one of the most short sighted, crass decisions ever made and must be reversed. Save The Otter.”

clare Roberts llandudno 27/05/2018 “Art galleries are integral to the building up of society. A free art gallery is as vital as a free library, a free hospitable and a free park bench to sit on. We can’t lose these invaluable things.”

Khadijah Kahn Cape Town 27/05/2018 I think it’s a Damn shame those Tories needs to tossed into the ocean

Briony Marshall London 27/05/2018 “This is a valuable resourcev that has 20 years of hard great to get it where it is now. It should not be closed, it should be celebrated.”

Donald Barker Ilford 27/05/2018 “In my youth I benefited from access to art galleries and museums, and consider it essential that this is maintained to ensure a healthy society in the future.”

David Atkinson London 27/05/2018 Gallery supporter

Tim Maby London 27/05/2018 No art gallery should ever be closed unless it is falling down. A business decision no doubt by an executive who has no concept of where new ideas come from.

Helen Beale Dunblane 27/05/2018 “I’m signing because the closure plans would surely deny students and the wider community opportunities for focussed learning benefits? Continued operation of this vigorous and open-minded Gallery would centre and stimulate debate and enquiry, as well as protecting/conserving works in the collection in a properly professional way.”

Anna Smith Llangollen 28/05/2018 “To undervalue art, you undervalue yourself”

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 28/05/2018 “Have now read the ‘Friends Letter’ on the wordpress site. What a load of waffle. Are you seriously considering hanging the likes of Stanley Spencer, Henry Moore, Ivon Hitchens & Paul Nash in a corridor when you permanently close The Otter Gallery in a few months time? Heaven help your Fine Arts students if this is your attitude towards Art. #SaveOtterGallery”

Suzanne Parekh Hayling Island 28/05/2018 Being able to exhibit in the Otter Gallery has been a privilege. Don’t deny future students this opportunity

Kas Williams Coalville 28/05/2018 This is such valuable resource

Elspeth King STIRLING 28/05/2018 This gallery should be nurtured and protected….man cannot live by bread alone.

Ada Leney Aberystwyth 28/05/2018 Art is important more than ever as we move into this new age of robotics.

Maureen Brigden Chichester 28/05/2018 where else will the University showcase the wonderful work of their students and the permanent collection.

BARRY QUINNELL Bury 28/05/2018 I’m signing because the Otter Gallery is a much loved gallery within a vital Art Education facility.

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 28/05/2018 “Apparently, and the mind boggles at this, the collection will be hung in the ‘executive corridor’. Check out the letter to the Friends of Otter Gallery at”

Robbie Bushe edinburgh 28/05/2018 “I was head of fine art at Chichester from 1999-2003. A gallery is a vital part of the student experience for art students, creative practice, public engagement and research. Dedicated gallery space are needed to accommodate curation of contemporary practices which can be fragile and transient. It also provides a focus for discussion and engenders debate. Corridor exhibitions soon become simply wall decoration unless they are looked after and refreshed regularly. The otter collection is an extraordinary resource and to hear it may get placed within an executive area away from students and staff is just wrong.”

Amanda Morrison London 28/05/2018 Art galleries are not a luxury but essential for a community to thrive. It’s a no brainer.

jonathan shearer inverness 28/05/2018 “This is happening in many places,we are loosing our only art gallery in Inverness too.Sad times we live in,everybody should have access to free art galleries.”

Elizabeth Saunders Hedge End 28/05/2018 Its essential to keep this gallery

Linda Harcourt Crowborough 28/05/2018 It is so important to keep this central display area at the University.

Victoria Leedham Dorking 28/05/2018 “This cannot be allowed to happen. There have been so many incredible, thought-provoking exhibitions – and it’s not just the art students that appreciate it. As an ex-student (grad ‘09) I remember fondly seeing students from other courses enjoying shows housed within.”

Louise Harris West Bromwich 28/05/2018 This gallery is so well situated to make it accessible to both students and the wider community. The changing exhibitions are challenging and allow everyone to experience Art first-hand- I urge the University to reconsider.

Mark Epstein Manchester 28/05/2018 We need public art more than ever.

N A Edinburgh 28/05/2018 Such a place is irreplaceable and now of all times we need to treasure the resources that remind us of the nation we were.

Simon Paterson Chichester 28/05/2018 This wonderful gallery space is an inspiration to students and gives the public and insight into the value of art and design.

Tania Craig Brockhollands 28/05/2018 This is such a special place. An amazing resource for the Arts. Needs a proper gallery to display works properly. Do not close the Otter Gallery.

Judy Millard Bexhill 28/05/2018 Yet more irrational decisions?

Keith Harcourt Crowbrough 28/05/2018 “Another ludicrous action by a university. Universities are supposed to be at the heart of their communities, yet by closing the Otter Gallery they are removing the only free art gallery in Chichester. In addition this gallery is a primary resource for the many students of art at the University so it’s removal will hamper learning. I urge everyone to protest”

Kevin Stedman Chichester 29/05/2018 “I’m signing because the Gallery is a unique feature and focus of the university housing a collection of national value and interest that is appreciated by many. Dispersal of the collection would be a very sad and retrograde step. Such collections are rare,we should be enhancing and ironing it, not losing it………..”

Mary Young York 29/05/2018 I believe every community should have access to great art
Debbie Moran Chichester 29/05/2018 “The Otter Gallery is a diverse and refreshing resource for students and the wider community. It has placed art at the heart of the university ‘literally’, and given a rich collection of works a permanent home on view. The creation of the gallery was an inspired continuation of two incredible collectors work, it gained a dedicated following quickly and should be allowed to grow and develop further for the benefit of everyone, especially the University.”

Rebecca Hindle Reading 29/05/2018 This is a valuable space! I went to Chichester university in the 1980’s and recently visited and was so impressed with the development and space.

Pat Ellerby Ryde 29/05/2018 It’s a great gallery and is a valuable asset for the community.

T. Tate Cambridge 29/05/2018 “This is an important gallery, the only free gallery in Chichester with a permanent collection. Please keep it open.”

Carolyn Gibbs Billingshurst 29/05/2018 I’ve visited and it’s a great collection.

Andrew Forrest st agnes 29/05/2018 Galleries should be opening not closing

Matthew Scott London 29/05/2018 “This facility is an important contribution to the cultural life of the city of Chichester, not least because it appeals to a quite different age group of people.”

Wendy Hodges Ryde 29/05/2018 “An alternative gallery in a CORRIDOR? They CANNOT be serious!And this from a university offering degree courses in Fine Art and in Theatre Studies. It’s beyond belief.Why has this proposal come to light only recently?Why is the University unable (or unwilling) to explain why other, appropriate space cannot be found for the gallery? (And, no, a corridor is NOT appropriate.)Quotes from someone rather close to this issue:1. "Artists bring something to the table that other people just can’t do."2. "I do think there is a problem closer to home, which is that it’s easy to find reasons why art is undervalued and, by art, I mean any creative subject – and those sorts of subjects just aren’t valued because a large part of society doesn’t value it, so neither do we. This is something I feel very strongly about."”

Geoff Catlow Portsmouth 29/05/2018 “Galleries are crucial in the discourse between artists and their public and also they allow artists to assess what they are doing, away from their studios.Galleries are crucial educational assets.”

Rachel Crossland Winchester 29/05/2018 “The Otter Gallery is a great space providing students and staff at the University of Chichester, as well as members of the public, with free and easy access to a fascinating collection of art and interesting exhibitions. It would be such a shame to lose it!”

Patricia Sherwood Hastings 29/05/2018 I don’t want this excellent gallery to be closed. It’s popular and would be a sad cultural loss

charlie holt Preston 29/05/2018 I was head of fine art @ liverpool hope uni and an external examiner at the college i exhibited at the gallery, more important the presence of a gallery on campus is of vital importance to art students and the wider audience it is short sited of management to even contemplate closing the gallery culture is important in our society …are the management of the uni philistines

Nora Young Worthing 29/05/2018 “This is a unique gallery being on a higher education site giving students and others access to a unique, valuable collection. The exhibitions bring a range of people on site, and are always thought provoking and insightful. Please re-think this decision.”

Cheryl Harding Worthing 29/05/2018 I think the Otter Gallery should not close.

Stephen Mollett Chichester 29/05/2018 “The Otter Gallery must continue to have its own space at Chichester Uni, and no changes should be made unless another home is created for it on campus.”

lawrence douglas Davis Hayling Island 30/05/2018 There are not enough galleries of this standing in the south and to close it would be a great loss for Chichester and those who love art.

Gayle Palmer Chichester 30/05/2018 This is a well used gem by visitors and students

julia oboyle arundel 30/05/2018 By consigning artwork to the walls of corridors presumes that the only artwork of relevance is two dimensional. The Otter Gallery offers the opportunity to exhibit a far wider range of Fine Art disciplines.

Kathryn Taylor -Bennett Chichester 30/05/2018 Art should be at the heart of learning .

Sue Gray Swindon 30/05/2018 The collection and purpose not only give national status to Chichester University but fantastic research and space for students and the local communities. An absolute gem!

Sue Lacey Arundel 30/05/2018 This Gallery houses and reflects the amazing collection of art and dedication to art education that Chichester University has had since it was Bishop Otter College. This should continue to be easily accessible and at the heart of University life for both students and the public.

John Furness Camberley 30/05/2018 Just stop the closure

Jonathan Davis Bath 30/05/2018 “By closing the Otter Gallery the University of Chichester demonstrates that it is no longer interested in the visual arts, and is turning its back on the visionary women, Katharine Murray and Sheila McCricick who had the foresight to set up a superb collection of British modern art. If the closure goes ahead it will be a huge loss to the city of Chichester and the wider audience for modern art. The collection will effectively be ‘buried’ from public view and consigned to various corridors, making it extremely difficult to see the collection as a whole. Many universities and cities around this country would be deeply envious to have such a fine collection and a space in which to display it. The University of Chichester seems blind to the benefits of displaying original high-quality works of modern British art and continuing the vision of the founders of this important collection.”

Terry Merritt Chichester 30/05/2018 The otter gallery has an extremely important role that is to promote up and coming art students and the position where it is gives it direct contact with the public eye it also promotes Art One

Lynne Dick Havant 30/05/2018 “I am disappointed to hear this: In general, studios spaces for fine art students are being radically reduced, at the same time that students are paying substantial fees to develop and expand their skills and thinking as practitioners. An integral part of a student experience is having access to high quality and engaging professionals (from tutors, curators, practicing artists to critical thinkers & writers etc…) alongside excellent facilities, including the Otter Gallery which has championed innovative work, emerging artists and showcased the collection on campus over decades. This is an essential part of any university’s continuing status and gives UoChi a competitive edge. The fact that UoChi currently offers free access to this highly regarded gallery also boosts its standing within the local community and the professional arts sector as a whole.”

Nicholas Hurt Bromfield 30/05/2018 Keep it open! You know that’s what they ‘otter’ do.
steve pagett London 30/05/2018 Free art is important

Jonathan Stevens London 30/05/2018 The loss of free art gallery is a sad loss in any town

Clive Cartwright Derby 30/05/2018 Please don’t let us lose another gallery. These are wonderful spaces to relax and compose your thoughts. Please keep this open.

Billy Clark London 30/05/2018 The Otter Gallery is an important space for Chichester and art departments need their own gallery space

David Cooper Hove 30/05/2018 Art should be free and available for everyone to see.

sara kelly Chichester 30/05/2018 I am signing because arts should be part of our education and part of our life if we are to remain a civilised society

Chelsie Robinson Pontypridd 30/05/2018 “Art is a way of expressing ones self, to close this and stop showing off the work of students in the uni is wrong. If everyone else in the university gets to showcase their ‘art’ and the work they do by performances etc the people who study art should be able to aswell. Unless you’re closing this and making a bigger and better gallery then you should not be closing it as it is not fair to the art students.”

Timothy Morgan -Owen Derby 30/05/2018 When Churchill was asked to cut art funding to support the war efforts he said “well what are we fighting for”. If Chichester University closes it’s free art gallery then it should have it is suitable to be a university.

Stavroula Varella Chichester 30/05/2018 The artwork is moving to University House to be more visible. The careers service is taking over the gallery space as it needs to be more central. Go figure!

lee Richards Baschurch 30/05/2018 “As an ex MSc student at the university of Portsmouth, in an unrelated subject. I believe art is a subject that transcends all ages, backgrounds and cultures. It is not a subject that should be sidelined to the corridors of a place of learning just as contemptuous behaviour is not a subject to be taught. Is the definition of art being defined???”

Anooshka Rawden 30/05/2018 This is a fantastic free centre for sussex which celebrates art and access.

Tanya Nash London 30/05/2018 “Gallery spaces are necessary public spaces for people to gather and be inspired by creativity. They offer a breather from our busy hectic lives to think. The plans proposed will destroy that unique experience and lose sight of this collection of art works once they are dispersed. Please save this gallery for the students, staff and wider community.”

Julia Goodman Bognor Regis 30/05/2018 This is my home town and where my father David Goodman was instrumental in nurturing and expanding the creative and artistic life of the town…he would be turning in his grave and will come back to haunt you if it is closed!!!

Kay Channon Weymouth 30/05/2018 “This is a much needed space of inspiration and expression at the University. Artworks can be safely monitored, maintained and displayed here. Please don’t take away such a precious part of our community. I have begun and written many poems here some of which have been published. It is truly a haven of creativity. Also, as someone who uses a wheelchair full time, I value the easy access it provides to such beautiful artworks as I know many other students do.”

Caroline Anne Tendler Fareham 31/05/2018 The arts are very important and must be supported.

John Akerman Chichester 31/05/2018 “The collection and its current location are together too important an asset for the University, the people of Chichester and the public in general to be dispersed in any way. The University’s proposal sends out a dreadful message.”

Peter Neuner Arundel 31/05/2018 “How short sighted can the University be, particularly when we are witnessing a decimation of the Arts in education. Shame on you.”

sarah van den broek Haslemere 31/05/2018 “This is a great space, lots of creative writing courses held there, with amazing art. Would be a terrible loss”

Chris Johnson London 31/05/2018 “I am dismayed at the suggestion of closure. Galleries such as the Otter at Chichester University and Kettles Yard in Cambridge, are a Lifeblood.

julia oboyle arundel 31/05/2018 “"The Otter Gallery on the Chichester Campus runs a series of original art exhibitions as well as displays of the Bishop Otter Collection which attracted over 40,000 visits from students, staff and the wider community during 2016/17.""Total student numbers, including undergraduate and postgraduates, expressed as full-time equivalents has remained just below 5,000 for a number of years."From The University of Chichester Integrated Report and Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 31 July 2017, signed by Professor Jane Longmore 21/11/17That’s over 30,000 visitors from outside of the University”

Margaret Robertson Barnham 31/05/2018 “I believe the closure of the gallery would constitute an enormous loss to the university and wider community depriving them of a unique artistic, cultural and educational resource.”

Anne Lacey Birmingham 31/05/2018 “A carefully curated collection is more valuable in terms of education, provoking thought and understanding than pieces scattered all over the place. Also, many members of the public will be reluctant to visit University House which they see as a private space, so will not see the parts of the collection displayed there.”

Lara Wassenberg Petersfield 31/05/2018 I value and cherish art work and it would be a great shame to lose this gallery!

John & Ros Hitchens London 31/05/2018 “The Otter Gallery must remain – it is a well established part of the cultural scene of Chichester. It is all too easy to overlook those quiet empowerments to our lives, for the sake of apparently quick benefits. We do so hope that the Otter Gallery could be saved in its present form.”

janice funnell London 31/05/2018 “I was a student in the 60s when Miss Murray and Miss McCrirrick were still adding to the collection at Bishop Otter College for the benefit of the students to ensure a broad and balanced (science and art) curriculum. We were surrounded by incredible works of art as we studied. To lose this invaluable collection from the Bishop Otter Gallery and the Arts Council status which goes with it would be foolish, foolhardy and very short sighted! Surely it would be possible to find a ‘career and employability centre’ somewhere else on the wider campus, even at Bognor, than to disperse this legacy, an incredible and valuable 20th century art collection brought together for the benefit of BOC students by two inspirational and farsighted women. They remain an example to us all on leadership in student education, even in this century!”


Virginia Brown Horn Lake 31/05/2018 I just this week went to an art gallery & enjoyed the beauty of the exhibits & display of creative talents. It would be such a shame to lose access to galleries. We need them as reminders of what humans can achieve when we seek the beautiful talents in others.

Mari Martin Bristol 01/06/2018 “Art should be able to be enjoyed by everyone, not just those who can afford it.”

Alana Dill Aameda 01/06/2018 “I love having good reasons to go to England. Last time I went to the Tate, National, Museum of Arms and Armory (in Leeds) and V&A”

Rakel Jorviksdottir Barnes 01/06/2018 “They are philistines. These paintings belong to the nation, how dare they!”

Ceri Shields London 01/06/2018 I am signing because I am an artist and I care about the accessibility of art to as wide a viewership as possible.

linda Kasmaty Swindon 01/06/2018 This is a fantastic collection started by a couple of knowledgeable women at the Bishop Otter. There have been some wonderful exhibitions there recently beautifully curated by Gill Clarke. Please don’t close this gallery down.

Louise Wiltshire Leybourne 01/06/2018 “Why was a room not designated for ‘careers and employability’ in the new building?? The proposal to display the collections in a corridor are unworkable for some of the collection and a poor substitute. As a former student (enrolled just after an aircraft hanger was build with the slogan "Chichester University, Sport is our business") I am worried that the art department at the University of Chichester is being pushed further and further to the wayside, and this is a typical example of it being at the bottom of the priority list. A ridiculous and unfair idea for a university with a permanent art collection.”

Gina Dando Ash 01/06/2018 Chichester UNI has no right to let this collection be broken up and removed from the Otter gallery. It is surely theirs on trust and not something they can dispose of at will. Find another room for a careers advice centre!!!

Timothy King Leicester 01/06/2018 “As a Consultant on Harley Street – I pride myself that I started off my educational journey learning anatomy (sculpture) and dynamic movement (dance) on the BA Honours Related Arts Degree – which gave me the confidence to understand the human body and its complexities…and I recall the pride and the interest we all had in our time at the University – in relation to the art collection being collected and stored in the vaults of Bishop Otter College…So I was delighted when I heard that a gallery had been set up to display the collection. It seems irrational that educated people on the Governing body of the University have no understanding to the value of art and how artist depicted and reflected on their times be it – scenes of their cultural area at the time, images of bodies and human form – or abstract, expressionistic or impressionistic images captured on canvas….Shame on you all for even considering to close such a valuable space…I truly hope the decision makers wake up and realise the errors of their decision.”

“katana ashby portsmouth 01/06/2018 The Otter Gallery is a creative hub! It is a short sighted mistake to try and take away such an inspiring and influential space.

Deborah Richards Finchdean 01/06/2018 “So shocked. Terrible concept, these collections need a fit for purpose central gallery on campus not a vulnerable corridor. The gallery and collection is an important resource both to students and wider visitors.”

Amy de la Haye “Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex” 01/06/2018 This is an incredible gallery – all the more so as it is outside central London – and is available to a local as well as broader visitor profile. The exhibitions are incredible and the work of Gill Clarke is of international significance. It is a coup for the university and a great asset to student education too. I can’t imagine anything more important that could replace it!

Audrey Campbell Chertsey 01/06/2018 “As a mature student in fine art, the Otter Gallery, when visiting for the first time, I was thrilled to find the Otter and it never ceases to excite me when there is a changeover of exhibition displaying the art of alumni and current art students. Why do we have to put up with this constant dumbing down of the arts and also our cultural heritage in places of learning.”

Lorna Sargent Chichester 01/06/2018 I’m surprised anyone involved with this idea would even contemplate yet another squeeze on creative arts!

Steve Sykes Salisbury 01/06/2018 It’s hard to believe that anyone could think it makes sense to destroy a purpose-built gallery and banish the collection to corridor walls.

Julie Green London 01/06/2018 This is a unique treasure and hugely valuable to Chichester and West Sussex as well as the university. The alternative plans will destroy the gallery and threaten the existence of its collection in the long term.

Hector Lopez-Kern Portsmouth/Southsea 01/06/2018 Without Art the society will be rotten

Caroline Scott Winchester 01/06/2018 We need every Art space we have

Rhona Ramsay Menstrie 02/06/2018 “Universities need to provide creative spaces alongside the academic, in order to inspire and provide students with a rounded experience. As the only free public gallery in the town, this is also an important space for others across the community and an important meeting point between community and university, which is especially important now, when universities are measuring their impact.”

Christina Koning Cambridge 02/06/2018 “When I was RLF Fellow at Chichester the Otter Gallery was a wonderful resource, putting on some great exhibitions of contemporary art, and, with its fine permanent collection, providing a tranquil space for reflection.”
N A Katy 02/06/2018 The EARTH without ART is just “EH”

Janet Norris Fetcham 02/06/2018 For a centre of learning to trash tha arts like this gives such a poor image of the British attitude to culture.

Elaine Kazimierczuk Burton Joyce 03/06/2018 art has no meaning if it is not seen

julia oboyle arundel 03/06/2018 “The most attended private view was the exhibition currently on display which includes items from the permanent collection, students past and present”

julia oboyle arundel 03/06/2018 “The current exhibition explores the meeting point between works from the Otter Gallery collection, members of the Community Programme at Pallant House Gallery, BA students and Fine Art Alumni. The Private View was the best attended”

julia oboyle arundel 03/06/2018 “The collection is of National importance with Artworks being loaned far and wide, currently spreading the word of the importance of the collection to the university.”

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 03/06/2018 “Yes – and the loan system works both ways! Once the gallery is closed, accreditation will end, making it almost impossible for the university to acquire loans in the future. What a huge loss!”

julia oboyle arundel 03/06/2018 “4 days ago there was a video about the Otter Gallery. It contained interviews with past students, one interview explained why the Otter Gallery was set up. I was going to post the link here, however, the user, (university) has removed the video. I do however have the transcript available if anyone would like to read it.”

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 03/06/2018 The film has just been posted by #SaveOtterGallery on twitter.

julia oboyle arundel 03/06/2018 Great News

Lucy Oulton Epsom 03/06/2018 It is a free public gallery and brings the public into the university – so is a tremendous marketing opportunity for the institution as well as a fantastic space for exhibiting artists.

Margaret hage 04/06/2018 Galleries are essential and integral to the well being of every community

Kate Barton Watford 04/06/2018 Galleries are good for you. They add to your experience of the world & give a different perspective to be considered.

Liz Tucci Petersfield 04/06/2018 I have always found the Otter Gallery a joy to visit. It also gives many artists an opportunity to display their work. It is also a welcome part of Chichester’s heritage

Ann Halden 04/06/2018 Art Galleries are an important part of life. How can young people appreciate art if galleries like this are closed

Christine Ward Emsworth 04/06/2018 Art needs the opportunity to be curated properly and displayed in a context where people will appreciate it at its best.

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 04/06/2018 “I work as a shelf-stacker in a local warehouse. Not everyone has the financial resources to go to private galleries – but we still love art. Arbitrarily closing the gallery & then hanging the Bishop Otter collection in the ‘executive corridor’ is about the most highfalutin, elitist thing I’ve ever heard of. Surely a university should be about removing barriers to accessibility – not creating them. Thanks for nothing.”

Jennifer Sussman Hengoed 05/06/2018 In our fast moving society we need places to feel calm and contemplate. Food may feed the body but art feeds the soul!

julia oboyle arundel 05/06/2018 “It will be detrimental to the self-esteem of staff, students and alumni involved in the Fine Art degrees at the university.”

Ann Layne Waynesboro 05/06/2018 I am an artist and a historian. I believe in the preservation of artworks.

Julie Mackinder Grantham 05/06/2018 The Otter Gallery is too valuable a resource to be lost. Death by a thousand cuts.

sheila fuhrmann fairburn 05/06/2018 In this day and age Art Gallery’s are more important than ever.

julia oboyle arundel 05/06/2018 “So, The Vice-Chancellor expects some 30,000 external visitors to stand around in the University corridors viewing artworks, whilst students move around for lectures to different areas. Or in my case, blocking the corridors as I sit on my mobility scooter looking at Art.How many people with vulnerabilities will even consider searching out the warren of corridors in different buildings to look at the artwork in the first place?”

ellen schinderman nyc 05/06/2018 art matters and we need spaces like the otter!!

Nancy Piros Birmingham 05/06/2018 Art is so very important to keep alive !Shows allow Artists and students the ability to display and create further generations to learn more about art. Before it becomes lost

Anne Purkiss Richmond 05/06/2018 “Thank you! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to touch on that issue this morning – there are so many things wrong with this proposal, and they give us so little space or time to raise them!”

Vivian Kapusta “Maple Ridge,” 05/06/2018 “Exposure to art is essential for all universities. A lack of exposure to art creates a grey place, lacking creative thought.”

Theresia Liebs Kornwestheim 06/06/2018 Kunst braucht Raum

julia oboyle arundel 06/06/2018 “Accessibility is a stumbling block of The University, I repeatedly requested a map of the ramped/lifted access points but it was never available, even as an alumni member, I made requests but nothing. I’ve given up now only visiting ArtOne and the Otter Gallery.”

julia oboyle arundel 06/06/2018 “What a great loss to all the schools in The University of Chichester Academy Trust. What message does it give to the parents and children who are interested in art in those schools and who wish to pursue it further? Surely the University of Chichester should be sending out a message to the schools in the (multi) Academy of the importance of every child and their interests and the importance of creativity. Having such a wonderful collection on loan from the Bishop Otter Trust is an honour, denying access to artworks that are too valuable for the walls of the corridors is a travesty to the collection, staff, students, members of ALL the University of Chichester Academy Trust Schools and the Global Community we live in.”

Trish Green Sunderland 06/06/2018 Art should be available in accessible venues and there are fewer and fewer free community/arts facilities open to those that wish to enjoy art. I’m sure the university can find space elsewhere for whatever else it wishes to find a home for. Another sad day for the art world .

Colleen March Drakes Broughton 06/06/2018 I’m signing this partition because l have the greatest admiration for all those blessed with any artistic talent!

Iris Rutherford 06/06/2018 The Art Gallery should be available to all

Harriette Boyce East Wittering 06/06/2018 “This us a community resource for schools, creative writers, researchers, graduates and alumni, community groups, showcase acquisitions, used by uni art student finalists. Insane to use space for careers. Plenty of space above canteen and in New Hall.”

Harriette Boyce East Wittering 06/06/2018 “Well said Robbie Bushe. As a creative writing alumni I can’t express enough disappointment at this insane decision. Chichester University is sound in its reputation for art, dance, performance, music, history, pastoral Care, safety if students and attention to their well-being. Why close the only quiet Contemplative introspective space accessible to all?”

Harriette Boyce East Wittering 06/06/2018 “I have written comments on as many petition pages as I can. Reason being, this is a community resource, a safe space for creative contemplation of art and used for workshops. It is an air controlled and camera patrolled gallery for unique works of art and used by Art students as part of their degree presentation space. Private viewings and special events throughout the year can be encouraged and the donations over many years should be treasured. Housing a careers hub can be installed elsewhere on campus.”

julia oboyle arundel 07/06/2018 “Just watched the BBC South news item and have to say, when Betty Murray was Principle there were 200 students, now the University has 5000. It is not possible to determine who is who in the corridors, Theft is a very high risk. The Campus is open access with open footpaths to Graylingwell Park and beyond. As a student rep of Fine Art, I frequently raised issues, as did other students, about the security of the campus.”

sue harper Hayling Island Hants 07/06/2018 It is shameful to close this

James Leo New Paltz 07/06/2018 Art is important

Graham Warwick Colchester CO3 0YZ 07/06/2018 Without culture we lose our souls

Alex Mason Rothbury 08/06/2018 This is a disgrace.

Francesca Waldron Chichester 08/06/2018 Cultural Vandalism

Richard Ashby Emsworth 08/06/2018 It’s a betrayal of all that the founders intended and a betrayal of Chichester too.

james trundle London 08/06/2018 Taking arts heritage means there will be none in the future

Hilary Cooke Rochester 08/06/2018 We need creative art spaces to showcase the talent of the UK.

Paula Chatfield Chichester 09/06/2018 Gallery space is special – dispersed art in inaccessible (to the public) corridors downgrades the value of the collection. Meanwhile the University loses an asset capable of engaging with Chichester people and beyond and generating goodwill. How short sighted!

Pablo Schabes 09/06/2018 It really does not need explanations!

Paul Scull Brockhampton 09/06/2018 “The University should recognise the Otter Gallery’s significance – drawing in an audience from the wider community of Chichester itself as well as further afield. It should regard it as a crucial educational and cultural link, not the mention the standing of this gallery within the provision of arts within this country. Its worth should not be measured by accountants.”

N A Chichester 10/06/2018 “It would be a great shame that this collection not be in the public view. The history of the collection is very interesting plus the links with Pallant House Gallery open it to an audience that would be very unlikely to know it otherwise ie:- the Community Programme. The exhibitions and partnerships are very worthwhile. I believe a re-think is required to keep it in the public domain plus improve it’s security – if this is really an issue.Perhaps if it was better publicised, had shorter opening hours and increased it’s requests for donations, it would guarantee its future.”

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 11/06/2018 “Frankly, it’s utterly baffling that a university with a Fine Arts programme would even consider permanently closing its gallery space. What kind of message does that send to the Arts students… and to everyone else?”

julia oboyle arundel 12/06/2018 “The announcement came as the MA Fine Art Students commence their final module, during the Summer Period, the most important module on the course. Staff and students are now supposed to be motivated to perform at the highest standard in time for their September graduation. :-(”

Sarah Rance-Riley Chichester 12/06/2018 “It’s a really cynical move, in my view. And what about the upcoming students? Not to mention how does the university expect to attract new Fine Arts students when the place doesn’t even have a gallery?!”

julia oboyle arundel 12/06/2018 “I think the truth is that they do not want to invite Fine Art Students, well the likes of those that closed Portsmouth Fine Art.”

James Faux Preston 12/06/2018 The Otter Gallery should not close

Katharine Mills Chichester 12/06/2018 It will be a great shame if it closes. It is a landmark.We were involved in our first exhibition and now you want to close it.

julia oboyle arundel 13/06/2018 “It was a great exhibition Katharine between the Community Programme at Pallant House Gallery, BA Students and MA alumni.”
steve brunskill redcar 13/06/2018 we need arts and culture

Nora Burton Kingston 13/06/2018 No Galleries should be closed…..they are part of our everyday and our Heritage wherever we live!!

Joanne Grace Pulborough 17/06/2018 “Art is for all students and visitors to be valued and inspired by. The thought processes and experiences of viewing art stimulate our cognitive, emotional and creative abilities. Of all places a university should understand this and show support of their creative faculties. Undermining creativity is a political force of our time and academic institutions must rise above these pressures and uphold their true values.”

Karen Swann Chichester 17/06/2018 An incredible wealth of art history no longer to be shared. An organisation that elects to do this has no place teaching art.

Lizzie Thornton London 18/06/2018 We all need free art

c adams Bristol 18/06/2018 “I regularly visit The Otter Gallery, and have seen some really interesting exhibitions. It’s closure will be a huge loss to a diverse group of people, both inside and outside the university. It is an asset for the university, and it’s closure is very short-sighted.”

Helen Withers Lymington 21/06/2018 “I have just learned with dismay that there is a plan to close the Otter Gallery. It is inconceivable that such a valuable collection that was brought together with such vision by Sheila McCrirck and Betty Murray should be lost to the University, to the town of Chichester and to a wider world. It seems an act of vandalism at a time when the world needs the civilising influence of the language of art.”

Michael Crompton Heysham 22/06/2018 As a student at BOC (1962-1964) the range and quality of the original works af art displayed around the campus made a tremendous impact on my thinking and future career. Having had three solo exhibitions in the Otter Gallery and having donated a number of tapestries and paintings to the Art Collection it is inconceivable that closure is being considered. What next….possible disposal of the Art Collections? This is truly a valuable resource for such an educational establishment and must be nurtured and enhanced.THINK

Mrs Sylvia Kopecek Merston 23/06/2018 “What an unthinkable, shameful thing to do. Open invitation not to support the university.”

Lesley Hendy Horsham 26/06/2018 When I was training at Bishop Otter back in the 60s I did Art as my main subject.It was art around college that gave me my love of art for life.AS the only free public Gallery with a permanent collection it is incredibly important that today’s students and others are inspired by the quality of the permanent exhibition.

Dot Watson Worthing 26/06/2018 My concern is that there will be less opportunity for the public to see this remarkable collection which will also have less protection from theft and vandalism once taken from its present environment. A very poor proposal from the university on both counts.

Jacque Grannum Chichester 29/06/2018 “I was also studying Art at Bishop Otter 1964-67 and I am absolutely sure that Miss Murray and Sheila McCrirrick would be so proud and happy with the existing gallery and the exhibitions held in the very special setting and showing the works originally collected by them plus the additions and new ideas.How terrible and incomprehensible that someone can think of destroying that and in effect showing disrespect to all the people who supported it’s inauguration either financially or by continued attendance and support.As a former Careers advisor it doesn’t seem a suitable venue for its intended future use either and I am sure that, with shared and experienced knowledge, thinking and advice a more suitable venue can be found within the University. The whole scenario of the proposed Gallery closure is completely incomprehensible from every angle.Please think again and and as an ex student, former careers advisor and current supporter of the Otter Gallery, I would be very happy to meet with the people responsible”

Valerie Briginshaw Chichester 01/07/2018 “I’m signing this because as ex Professor of Dance and Related Arts at the university, I and the hundreds of students, possibly thousands(?) I taught over the nearly 25 years I was at the university, really valued and learned so much from the wonderful art collection. When the Otter Gallery opened and it was possible to display the collection and other really valuable artworks in a publicly accessible and congenial environment, the value of the artworks was increased immeasurably. To lose this precious asset is madness! I sincerely hope the powers that be will see sense and reconsider. Now retired from the university the one part of it I continually revisit is the Otter Gallery. It is a valued facility that the people of Chichester and around can enjoy and it admirably complements Pallant House Gallery. Let us save it for posterity!”

Alison Milner-Gulland “Washington, Nr. Pulborough” 01/07/2018 I enjoy meeting fellow artists and seeing both students work and established renown artists. To close it would be a big mistake and isolate the inoversi5

Elizabeth Walters Ruddington 07/07/2018 This is an acclaimed collection and was largely started during my time at Bishop Otter College. I would not like to see it dispersed. There is still room on campus to accommodate other buildings if desired and just to close the gallery without consultation is abhorrent.

Sue Smith London 07/07/2018 Need all the galleries we have!!

Lesley Phillipson Portsmouth 09/07/2018 The closure of this gallery would be a terrible loss to the University with its long established reputation as an important centre for the visual arts.

Roisin Sullivan London 25/07/2018 “Art is incredibly I profane, artists need a space to be represented and to maintain a healthy society to allow the public to explore their freedom or though and expression (article in the 12 human rights) to maintain a healthy society.”

Helen Martino Cambridge 26/07/2018 Galleries in academic institutions are essential to open young people’s eyes. Old people’s top of course. Creativity in all walks of life is essential.

sally bosson Hitchin 27/07/2018 Art should be free to all. This is about equality regardless of income. How can you educate when you deny access. It’s another reason to visit Chichester and although born here I don’t find many if them. Close this and its another nail in the coffin.

Jonathan Koestle-Cate London 28/07/2018 It’s really important to keep places like the Otter Gallery going. Universities should care much more than they do about the cultural resources at their disposal and in their care.

Jeremy Broadribb Horsham 29/07/2018 This is beancounter-driven barbarism of the worst kind and must be stopped before it spreads

Marius Kwint Portsmouth 30/07/2018 “I respectfully but passionately urge Professor Harper and the University of Chichester to reconsider and reverse the plans to close the Otter Gallery. Our new purpose-designed gallery in the Eldon Building at the University of Portsmouth was closed by Professor Harper in her previous post, with sadly ineffective opposition. We lost an important resource, built over years and years of careful programming, for collaborating with artists and other exhibitors near and far, for building relationships with local communities, for showcasing staff and student creative work, and for supporting curatorial engagement and education that has been crucial to many careers. Develop maybe; close no.”

Nicholas O’Connor Haslemere 05/08/2018 “The uni already has a careers centre, much of it online with backups across all campuses. The reason for the gallery closure is not proven in reality.”

Roger Pinkham Penarth 11/08/2018 “Judi Pinkham As an art student at Bishop Otter College during the 70’s I felt privileged to be in an environment surrounded by amazing works of art. I am dismayed that the gallery may close and believe that not all the factors have been considered by the university concerning the appropriate environmental conditions, security, care & maintenance that is necessary for works of art no matter what medium. My love of art lead me to train at the V&A museum and eventually became senior conservator at the National Museum of Wales. The art collection should remain at it’s current site where it can be cared for correctly and seen by students and the wider public in perpetuity and not displayed in a corridor.”